Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Asshats of the week

  • John Boehner-Asshat Majority Leader invites the bloodthirsty Prime Minister of Israel to lecture Congress about how badly Iran wants to kill us all.  Too bad over 200 former and current Israeli intelligence and military official disagree with the fear mongering over Iran.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-The Closet) Asshat closeted bitchy old queen makes a snarky remark about Nancy Pelosi's alleged plastic surgeries and he thinks he's the next George Carlin until he gets smacked down.
  • Hillary Clinton-Asshat former US Senator and Secretary of State shows incredibly bad judgment in using her private email address for all her State Department emails.  In doing so she exposed sensitive state emails to hackers and her willingness to do so shows a horrible sense of entitlement. 
  • Curt Schilling-Conservative financial grifter asshat takes to the internet to defend his daughter from some awful guys who made remarks about raping her with his old bloody sock.  Too bad he didn't take to the internet to save the taxpayers in MA and RI from losing a shitload of money those states invested in his failed video game company.  You're not a good person if you steal from millions and then point out how you stood up to internet bullies who harassed your daughter who you chose to speak about online.
  • All those gun owners in Texas who owned the guns that killed those toddlers this past weekend.  Fuck you, fuck the NRA, and fuck you gun culture.  Too bad you didn't die instead of those innocent kids.
  • The LAPD-Police asshats murdered a homeless man almost for sport and it was caught on camera.  Fuck the police.
  • The Cleveland Police Department-Midwest police murdering asshats blamed the kid they shot and killed for the fact that they shot and killed him. Now, say it with me, "FUCK THE POLICE."

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