Saturday, March 21, 2015

A double movie report

In an arid dystopian future a cheeky sexy gal and her pals go up against the evil corporate overlords who run the world and who control most all of the water.  She uses all the weapons at her disposal, guns, her sense of humor, her sexuality, and a friendship with some hybrid creatures called 'rippers.'  They fight the power and you know what happens next.

This one is entertaining on most levels but I didn't buy Lori Petty as the heroine.  She cute and sexy and all but she's kind of slight and waif-ish.  If Naomi Watts had been the lead and Petty in the supporting role, it might have worked a lot better.  I've had many people tell me the comic book this film is based on is much better than the film.  Still, if you like goofy action films or films about dystopian futures, then this one isn't bad.

Some live action role play nerds accidentally conjure up a succubus and then they accidentally turn it into something more dangerous.  Some of them die fighting the creature but the important ones live.

This one is really goofy and kind of schizo.  It wants to be a comedy that makes fun of easy targets, then it wants to be a horror film with gory deaths, then it wants to be an action film.  It succeeds at being none of those things.  I think the film makers see this film as an homage to roleplay games and the people who play them but it comes off as mean spirited. It's not horrible, but it's not that great.  Peter Dinklage and a super cute Summer Glau are the best things about this film.  He's about the only funny character and she's super cute and you get to see her cleavage a lot.  See it if you want but you're not missing much if you don't watch it.

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