Monday, February 16, 2015

What I'm watching

I'm currently watching the following TV shows:

  • Peep Show-Very funny Mitchell/Webb show from the mid 2000's.  They play flatmates who can't stay out of each others lives.  It also features a cornucopia of recent British comic talent and many hot British and Canadian babes.
  • Magic City-Very cool, very stylish show about shady characters in late 1950's/early 1960's Miami.  I started watching mainly to see Jessica Marais who was on Packed to the Rafters, and now I'm hooked.
  • Spartacus-I had seen the first two series of this show and I binge watched them again because I wanted to immerse myself in the show before I started the third series.  It's still violent, bloody, filled with nudity, brimming with intrigue, and still very good.  
  • Downton Abbey-Watching the current series and still very much liking it.  Sparky is a bit tired of it, but I'm still all in on it.
  • Being Human (USA)-I wasn't prepared to like this US version of the British show about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost who live together but I do.  I like it much more than the British version.  The characters are more interesting and more fleshed out and even though it has more episodes, it moves at a brisker pace. 
  • Great British Bake Off-This is my favorite new 'reality' show.  They stuck a bunch of British baking aficionados in a tent and they make them bake stuff.  I love seeing the shit they bake and how the judges react.  It always leaves me hungry but I watch anyway.  And I love these three gals on the show:

Nancy, the ever chipper naughty granny who seems up for anything.

Chetna, mistress of spices and flavors who has stolen my heart and stomach.  Also, I love how she rocks the silver hair.

Martha, the super cute young lass who needs to be taught a lusty lesson in the kitchen. 


Nan said...

The S.O. and I thought the US version of "Being Human" was better than the British, too, which was a surprise. Usually the Brits will come up with a great idea and wonderful casting, some network here decides to make its own version, and the US version dies a fast and unlamented death.

Mnmom said...

I gave up on the Abbey last year. So many reasons. But I must find this British baking show!

We're watching Breaking Bad for the first time, about 3-4 episodes per weekend. Not sure if I want to continue since I don't like anyone, except maybe the dead drug addict's Dad.

We need to dump cable - far too much crap for that much money.