Thursday, January 22, 2015

What have I been binge watching lately?

Agents of S.H.IE.L.D.-I just finished season one on Netflix and boy howdy is it good.  I love how they incorporated some old school Marvel universe stuff with new characters and made this exciting show.  It's not deathly serious, like most DC Comics shows are.  I also love all the strong female characters.  Bill Paxton makes a great villain. And I could watch Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennett, and Elizabeth Henstridge all day every day.  I can't wait for season two to hit Netflix.

Packed to the Rafters-We watched all six seasons of this Australian family dramedy. The characters are usually always enjoyable which makes the family melodrama/sopa opera aspects of the show easier to take.

Chickens-Very funny period comedy about three men who for different reasons can't go off to fight in World War 1.  It's got a few historical errors, but the humor more than makes up for them.

The Americans-We're nearly done with season two of this show about Soviet spies living and working as Americans.  It's just as intense and great as the first season was.  So far the thing that this season has going for it that the first one didn't is they're showing the beautiful naked backsides of Keri Russell and Annet Mahendru.


phairhead said...

Shield started off veeeeerrrrry slowly but, WOW, what a pay off.

The Americans is the best new show EVER! Ever ever ever. I'm loving the soundtrack

Joe Owen said...

I have been checking out Arrow, and your criticism is fair, and it should take itself less seriously (it's serious to the point of goofiness), and embrace what it is... a serial in the vein of Buck Rodgers, or The Lone Ranger...embrace the silliness of what the premise of the show is about. Why so serious?

Now I'll have to check out Agents of Shield as well.

That being said, I haven't hated Arrow, ever since we finished setting up our attic with a TV and surround sound, with my PS3 up there to stream Netflix, it's been fun to watch two or so episodes after the little guy's gone to I look forward to doing the same with AoS!