Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hey black folks and Baptists, what's pissing you off these days?

"Nobody really 'gets' performance art anymore.  That shit pisses me off.  Also, it's cold in here."

"I asked my woman for a little head and this is what she gave me.  That's pissing me off."

"We object to the gratuitous use of Negroes in this blog post.  We feel like we white people should be the butt of the jokes, japes, and jibes presented herein."

"We were pissed about Obama and what he's done to our country, but then we smoked a big fat joint and now we don't give a shit.  Hey, you got any tortilla chips or fruit pies on you?"

"Union thugs and mailmen who sleep in the noon day sun."

"I'm pissed off over how those atheists are only being 'decent' people because they want us Baptists to think they're good folks.  Once they lure us in to believing that kind of thing, BAM, they're going to load us persecuted Christians into box cars and ship us off to get gay married to some Communists.  It's a disgrace!"

"We're pissed that our fancy TV remote stopped working and now we can't watch Matlock or that nice Paula Deen.  We're reduced to talking to one another in between bouts of giving and receiving mind numbing amounts of oral sex."

"I'm wearing shorts made out of chains, so you tell me, what do you think I'm pissed off about?"

"Police brutality, police banality, and police bestiality."


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gmb said...

"I asked my woman for a little head and this is what she gave me. That's pissing me off."

hahahahahahahaha. You make me laugh. Thanks, Dr. Monkey!