Saturday, January 3, 2015

Monkey movie reports

This one is an intense and disturbing alien abduction film.  

A family going through some hard economic times begins experiencing some paranormal stuff in their home,  Gradually they figure out it's aliens who are doing some sort of experiment on them.  They fight back but things don't do too well.

It's well acted and well shot.  The mood is tense and the overwhelming vibe is one of imminent impending claustrophobic doom.   

I quite liked it and I expect there will be a sequel.

Things are done a certain way in a small Danish town and any deviation is not only frowned upon, it's actively discouraged, sometimes violently so.  A policeman from Copenhagen suffering from a mental breakdown comes to stay and he fins out the hard way that things are a bit different in the town.  Once he gets used to things, he tries to take advantage of them but he eventually learns that things don't always go as planned.

This one is good but very creepy and a bit violent at times.

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