Friday, January 9, 2015

A perky blonde breaks down the Charlie Hebdo situation for you

"We all know what the real problem with this terrorist attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo is, right?"

"Some want to frame it as an attack on free speech and or as an attack on freedom of the press."

"But when you stop and think about it, no one stopped that magazine from publishing what it wanted.  No one stopped them from making the 'jokes' they wanted.  They said what they wanted to say."

"They wanted to insult Islam, just like they've insulted Christianity, Judaism, and other religions.  They wanted to make people laugh and upset some too.  They succeeded perfectly."

"They used their freedom of speech and the press to mock and insult.  And they pissed off the people they wanted to piss off, extremist Muslims."

"They kept poking at the bear and then they got surprised when the bear attacked them.  All speech has consequences, sometimes they're bad consequences."

"But the real reason why so many people are pissed off is they don't like it when people try to tell white people they can't say something.  Lots of white people, especially 'educated' ones, think they have a right to say whatever they please and they should suffer no consequences for doing doing so.  They want to mock and insult others without fear of any reprisals.  And now that some white folks got attacked and murdered for some stuff they knew was going to piss some other people off, they're scared they're going to lose the privilege of saying just about anything they like about whatever they want.  White folks get scared when it looks like they're going to lose any kind of right or privilege."

"Say what you like, draw what you like, insult what you like where ever whenever you like, but be sure to remember that words and actions have consequences.  Don't hit the wasp's nest with that stick if you're not prepared for the fall out."

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