Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's time for white people to tell us about racism in the USA

"I didn't see any racism.  It didn't happen to me, so it must not exist."

"How come we never talk about black racism?  Some of those people really hate us white people for what our ancestors did to them."

"Only racists keep wanting to talk about racism, so I want to change the subject to that new Star Wars trailer.  Can you believe they have a black Stormtrooper in it?"  

"I'm not racist, so there must be very little racism in the USA.  Also, if I ever tell a racist joke, I'm just joking, I don't actually believe that shit I'm saying.  And seriously, what's wrong with telling an off color joke every now and again?  People need to calm down and stop being so sensitive, especially those darkies when I tell a really funny joke about two knuckle dragging black welfare cheats and their ho's.

"There wouldn't be so much racism if Negroes just stayed on their side of the tracks."

"I'm too busy dealing with all the sexism to notice how racist our country is."

"Okay, look, slavery doesn't exist in the USA any more and a black dude is president.  That right there is proof that we're not racist anymore."

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