Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A conversation about extremist religious violence

"When will Muslims stand up and say they oppose the violence done in the name of their religion?"

"I, a Muslim, denounce the violence that's being done in name of my religion."

"Did you hear that?  He didn't say he opposed the violence that's being done in the name of his religion.  You have to ask yourself why won't he say he opposes it."

"I oppose all violence done in the name of my religion and in the name of any religion."

"Why does he have to drag all religions into it?  You don't see Christians or Jews or even those godless Hindus and other rag heads going around doing the shit that Muslims do.  And why is it he has to just say what I want him to say?  Why won't he go further and stop letting me put words in his mouth?"

"Holy shit, this guy is an idiot.  I denounce and oppose all religious violence that's been done, that's being done, and that will ever be done."

"Did you hear him just say that his Muslim buddies are plotting more religious violence?  I told you you can't trust them, their religion is inherently violent.  I demand we waterboard him until he tells us of every plot his religious fanatic buddies are going to carry out.  And then if he doesn't accept Jesus, let's used enhanced interrogation on him until he does.  Someone call Dick Cheney, I may need his help in breaking this Muslim bastard."

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Mnmom said...

The nuts are in charge of the asylum