Monday, November 24, 2014

White people react to President Obama's speech on immigration

"I hope they do give them illegals amnesty like Obama wants, maybe if they do Jose will come back and be a father to our kids once more."

"I'm ready to disobey anything our commander in chief says."

"I didn't hear his speech, I was too busy praying for his death."

"I like pie."

"He wants to go it alone huh, why is that?  Is it because he doesn't want to work with Congress to deny citizenship to all those brown skinned bastards?  He's so arrogant."

"I'm worried those illegals might try to touch my vajingo."

"Everything is changed now.  Life is upside down.  I had to give my high paying dish washing job up to a Mexican dude who forced me to gay marry him.  God damn you Obama!"

"It's our Christian duty to take them all in and let them live and work here.  If we didn't they'd go to Canada where they'd get soft from all that socialized medicine and poutine."

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gmb said...

Gotta agree about the poutine making them soft. Fabulous job, once again, Dr. Monkey.