Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The history they don't teach you in school

June 1776.
"The ancient ones will rise when a blackamoor leads this land.  Go spread this prophecy.  I do not care if there be few blackamoors free and that none have the intelligence to lead us, the prophets have spoken!  Now go!  Spread the word but be careful lest ye let Christians hear of our doings.  Go now and then upon your return we shall orgy until dawn!"

 "Be ye men of goodwill who know the name of Cthulhu?  If ye be, then ye must listen to my words and then we must orgy until all are sated."

 "Child, we have heard you are an oracle of the ancient ones.  Can you speak the prophecy to our fellow traveler Ben Franklin, he believeth me not."

"'Tis true, I Ben Franklin have heard that the ancient one, our dread Lord Cthulhu will only come to our realms when a blackamoor leads this land.  I despair that I will never live to see the day that happens, but now, let me pass I must spread the word to my brothers in the Continental Congress, I will bide no delay." 
"Brother Franklin hath told us the prophecies.  We must orgy like mad and then free the slaves immediately after we are spent so that one my rise up and lead us to the day when Lord Cthulhu rules over us." 

"Dear Oracle Child, Christians and one lone Jew have thwarted our efforts to free the slaves so that we may find one to lead us to the day when the dread ancient ones come to rule over us.  We have failed for now, but come, now let us all orgy together."
"Fear not!  All is not lost, the epoch of the ancient ones will be upon us someday soon.  Sometime around 2008 we think.  For now, we must go orgy with the British, I heard they're coming!"

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