Monday, October 6, 2014

Check your hate at the door you entitled white pricks

The level of hate that's being directed at Muslims and brown skinned people is off the charts in this country.  And the most troubling aspect of it is a lot of it is coming from allegedly liberal 'enlightened' white people.

To claim that all Muslims are responsible for the acts of extremists who use that religion as a cover for their cowardly acts of murder, mayhem, misogyny, and more is absurd.  Not all Muslims want to convert us at gun point or kill us if we refuse their backward ass Bronze age religion and to say they do is insanity on all levels.  It's like saying that all Norwegians  and all Christians are to blame for the murders Anders Breivik committed in the name of Christianity.   It's like saying that all Christians are to blame for the murder of Dr. George Tiller or the bombings carried out by Eric Rudolph.

I have nothing but disrespect, scorn, and a lack of belief in all religions, especially the Bronze age big three that have plagued us from their inception, but I'm not stupid enough to think that all those who believe in them are hateful terrorists out to convert or kill me.  Get the fuck over yourselves white liberal America.

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gmb said...

I read that Ben Affleck called our Bill Maher and Sam Harris on the anti-islamic shit. Ben fucking Affleck. good for him.