Sunday, September 14, 2014

Horrible asshole of the year

Yes, this bitch in Minnesota is wearing an Adrian Peterson jersey and she's brandishing a switch.  Yes, she's making fun of child abuse.  She thinks she's being funny.  

I'm sure she's outraged at Ray Rice but she's fine with a four year old kid getting whipped with a switch until he's got marks and bruises all over him.  Fuck her.

And fuck you too is you think it's okay to whip a four year old or any kid for that matter.  Domestic violence is perpetrated against children too.  And I should know.  The people who were supposed to be caring for and looking out for me whipped me with belts, their fists, pots and pans, and the lesson their children learned was it was okay for them to hit me and my siblings as well.  

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Professor Chaos said...

It fucks with your head, when the people who supposedly love you the most also hit you.