Sunday, September 14, 2014

Celebrities, even B grade ones, hate the internet

I got attacked by a B grade celebrity yesterday on Facebook.  I called her out on a 'joke' she made that equated all New York city postal employees with the terrorists in ISIS.  She didn't like being called out by someone who wasn't at least as famous as she was so she called me a fool and told me to fuck off.  She also tried to use the Joan Rivers "Oh calm down, it's just a joke!" defense and when I called her on that, she and her loyal minions really went off.

Before the internet she'd have gotten away with this kind of 'joke' and considered herself the height of wit, but today, since she posted that shit on Facebook, she's got to answer for making slurs against working people and she damn sure doesn't like it.  But I fucking love holding her and people like her responsible for their comments.


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Dr. MVM said...

I'm not going to name her and give her any more publicity. She's a horrible hypocrite.