Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cee Lo Green's guide to sexual assault

Hey y'all, Cee Lo Green here. I'mma help y'all out so y'all know what's sexual assault and what ain't.

If she awake when you have sex against her will with her and she remember it, that shit is rape.  If she's asleep and she don't wake up and she never finds out about it, you in the clear.  If you stick food in her instead of your penis, you ain't raped her because food ain't got no sex organs.  But if you stick food in her instead of yo dick, y'all stupid, especially if she passed out and can't remember it, because remember, it ain't rape if she don't remember it. That shit is just science y'all.

So remember, don't do it if she gonna remember and don't waste food, do your business when she's out and then eat that food.  Y'all feel me?

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