Friday, August 22, 2014

Movie reports

This is another one of those gruesome thrillers where the main protagonist is promised unheard of wealth is he hurts others and commits unspeakable acts.  It's kind of suspenseful but mostly it's gratuitous violence.  It's worth watching if you like these kind of films.  This one is on Netflix instant. 

 This film is a dramatic look back at  how they made the first Doctor Who's with William Hartnell.  It's an affectionate portrayal of all involved.  I liked it a lot, but then again I'm predisposed to like most anything the super fine Jessica Raine is in.  This one is on HuluPLUS.

This is an interesting little thriller featuring a bunch of hard bodied young people who love to show off those hard bodies.  It's about a young French woman who returns to her home only to run into an old flame she wants to rekindle things with.  Into that situation comes a hot young female American exchange student who gets between them.  Then the weirdness gets turned up a notch when the French girl's brother returns home with some shocking news.  It's a well crafted sexy little thriller.  I highly recommend it.  This one is on Netflix instant.

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