Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nearly true conversations: Israel and Palestine edition

Here's how most conversations go when one speaks up for the human rights of the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza:

Human rights defender: It's horrible how Israel is bombing the shit out of Gaza, it's almost as if they're purposely bombing the people of Gaza into the stone age so they can keep them under their thumb.

Israel defender: So you think all Jews every where should die.  How nice.

HR defender: No, I do not think that.  But I do think Israel is bombing and killing Gazans simply because they can.

Israel defender: Oh, I see, according to you Israel has no right to exist and you support all terrorists groups and people who want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

HR defender: No.  I do not support any such thing.  Israel exists, that's a fact and nothing is going to change that.  I simply want to see Israel stop killing innocent civilians, to stop bombing the infrastructure of Gaza, and to make peace with the Palestinian people.

Israel defender: The Holocaust wasn't enough for you Mr. Hitler?  Not enough Jews died in that to suit you and your Nazi buddies?

HR defender: Wow.  Now you're just spouting crazy shit.  I did not support the Holocaust, I wasn't alive back then.  I'm just saying that Israel, backed by the USA and most all other western powers, looks and acts like a bully when it comes to Gaza.  They've blockaded it with an eye to choke off any businesses that operate there, they bomb it on the slightest pretext, they've built a wall to keep people from escaping, and they won't let the Palestinians move freely inside their own territory.  And the Israelis keep building settlements on Palestinian land in order to annex that land to Israel.  It's a horrible situation and we need to put a stop to it.

Israel defender: How do you live with yourself you shitbag anti Semite?  I'll pray that you see the light and start supporting the brave Israelis in their struggle to stay free and hold that land until Jesus comes back to earth and gives it to us good Christians.   Now, aren't you late for a KKK rally you Nazi Commie?

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