Thursday, July 10, 2014

Movie reports

What a huge, noisy, unfunny, joyless mess this film is. I remember the hoopla around it when it came out, it was supposed to be a big comic hit, it had all the big comedy stars of the hour and some of the cinema's most beloved actors in comic parts and I remember being puzzled why it got slammed so hard by the critics.  Now I see why.  Ugh, what a mess this movie is.  Spielberg thought that violence, blowing up shit, and John Belushi and Tim Matheson recreating their characters from Animal House was the height of film comedy, it wasn't.  The only thing remotely interesting about this turkey was Nancy Allen, she's cuter than life itself in a thankless role.  If you never saw this 1979 film, don't bother.

Eerie and oddly affecting film from Norway.  Two crime scene cleaners happen upon a creature that's supposed to be mythological but they soon discover she's very real and that others will stop at nothing to get her back.  It was made for around $10,000 but it looks and plays great.  I highly recommend this off beat supernatural thriller.

In the late 1970's the FBI looked to repair it's flagging reputation by snaring some public officials in a bribery scheme.  This film tells a fictionalized version of that story.  It's all very well done and gripping, and most importantly of all, Jennifer Lawrence is in it.  I quite liked it and recommend it.

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Brewella Deville said...

1941 was such a mess, it was as if they held a coke party and a movie shoot broke out.