Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What I'm watching: TV edition

  • The Americans (season 1) Insanely taut and suspenseful show about a group of Soviet sleeper spies in the USA and the counter intelligence FBI agents who are after them.  Keri Russell is fantastic, as is Matthew Rhys. I love this show and I love the fact that the focus is on the spies and they're the ones you end up pulling for.  
  • Luther (series 3) Another winning installment of this limited run British police drama.  It's pretty intense and full of great characters.  Idris Elba is charismatic as hell and I'm in total love with Nikki Amuka-Bird.  
  • Orange is the New Black (season 2) Who would have thought that a women in prison show would be so god damn edge of your seat gripping television?  Not me, but it damn sure is.  Too many great performances to single out and after finishing this season, I'm already super ready for season 3. 
  • Republic of Doyle (series 1) Fun show about an affable father/son private detective team in St. John's Newfoundland.  It's a mix of light comedy and TV cop show drama with a winning cast.  I'm nearly done with season one and looking forward to more.
  • Offspring (series 1) A cute Aussie show about a dysfunctional female doctor and her fucked up family.  This one features lots of hot Aussie women and many fantasy sequences, it's a bit soapy at times but overall it's full of great characters and interesting story-lines.  

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