Saturday, June 21, 2014

Movie reports

 Warm cute little film about acceptance and finding love.  Once you get past the fact that this is ultra low budget and filled with a cast of non famous actors, it's actually fun and warmly funny.  I liked the aliens and how they all used that stilted way of talking that was made famous by sci fi films of the 1950's.  I also liked the little schlubby lesbian lead, she was endearingly cute.  The only thing that didn't work for me was the male agents.  They just seemed tacked on and pointless.

I haven't been a fan of basketball since the early 1980's but I'm a fan of Detroit sport teams and I remembered hearing how much everyone hated these Pistons teams, so I watched this documentary and I quite liked it.  Yes, they played rough, and yes, they paid for it by not getting picked to the Olympic teams and by not being admitted into the upper echelons of the NBA, but fuck it, they were champs and no amount of bad blood or dislike of them and the way they played can take that away from them.

I didn't like this self serving documentary much.  It seemed to me to be a 'let's exonerate Vlade Divac' exercise.

I didn't believe a word of this 'documentary.'  I didn't buy the premise and I still don't.  It may be true but the way Ms. Polley presents this story it just seemed fishy to me.  I still like her and most of her other work but I didn't care much for this one.

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gmb said...

You always find the interesting things to watch and read. Thanks, Dr. Monkey.