Friday, May 30, 2014

Movie reports

A stressed out guy on vacation with his girlfriend accidentally kills his brother and then things go downhill for the couple from there.  This one is a gruesome little comedy that isn't bad.  It has it's moments.  Tyler Labine is always good in roles like this, but Lucy Punch is wasted in this one.  It's on Netflix instant.

The political hacks in the corporate media love to tell us that George McGovern was a loser because of his loss to Nixon in the 1972 presidential election, but as usual, they're wrong.  McGovern was an upright moral man, perhaps too moral for the cesspool of politics that is Washington DC.  He was a war hero, a man who revived the Democratic party in his home state of South Dakota, and a man who lived his convictions.  He was against the war in Vietnam before it was politically popular and in his run for the White House in '72 he broke the grip of old white men who ran the Democratic party by opening it up to women, people of color, and gay folks.  Without his run in 1972 there would have been no Carter or Clinton presidencies and certainly no Obama administration.  If he'd been elected there would have been no Watergate, a quicker end to the quagmire that the was Vietnam war, and perhaps corruption wouldn't be so endemic in DC today.  This fine documentary tells the story of McGovern, the one the corporate media refused to tell for so long.  Considering that Nixon will be remembered for his crimes, for being the only POTUS to resign and leave office in disgrace, and for having many of his administration be led off in handcuffs, while McGovern's legacy of goodness and decency lives on to this day, I'd say McGovern was the real winner.  I highly recommend this documentary that's currently on Netflix Instant.

A guy in a small Aussie town on his way to a job interview gets sidetracked by bad people who do bad things to one another.  There's a bag of cash, a hot woman, a hot tempered sheriff, and a very bad guy who may or may not be in law enforcement all mixed up in this thriller.  I quite liked it and honestly, a naked Emma Booth is always a welcome sight in any film.  This one is on Netflix instant.

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