Friday, January 17, 2014

Quick movie reports

This documentary tells the story of a French con man who tried to pass himself off as a missing 16 year old kid from Texas.  It's slow at first but before you know it, you're sucked in and on the edge of your seat.  I highly recommend it.

Fascinating documentary about one of pop culture's most fascinating but not well known personalities.  Ricky Jay has been on my radar since the late 1970's but if you asked most people about him, they'd draw a blank.  The things he can do with cards is amazing and his other magic is downright insane.  I really liked this film and I want to see more of his stage shows.

Holy Jesus, this movie is big and dumb.  It doesn't make sense in places and it's a triumph of flash and sizzle over story.  I was expecting it to be cheesy but god damn, it was just fucking stupid.  If I saw it back when it came out in 1986 when I was a stoner, I'm sure it would have been the best movie ever, instead I saw it the other night and it was fucking stupid.  I'm glad that they used real Asians anyway, that's the film's only redeeming quality.  Seriously, this one stinks.

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