Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's all the rage

In order to not blame a shooting death on the availability of guns a Fox 'News' personality claimed that a fatal shooting in a movie theater in Florida was the result of data rage.  So let's join the fun and make up some other 'rages' to blame gun crimes on:

  • Life rage is when you own a gun and sense others are tired of living, so you shoot them.
  • Dying to be a victim rage is when you can sense that weak liberals would rather be victims than responsible gun owners, so you give them what they want and shoot them.
  • Going to be with Jesus rage happens when responsible gun owners sense that people would rather be shot and killed so they can go be with Jesus, so they shoot them.
  • Modern art rage is when gun owners just know that blood spatters would make some cool looking modern art on the walls and floors of public buildings so they shoot a bunch of people to make that happen.
  • Rage rage is when you run out of excuses for all the murders committed by gun owners and you just start firing into crowds of people in order to show everyone what a great shot you are before you take your own life or before the cops gun you down.
Remember, it's never the gun or the easy access to it, there's always a reason why the victims were asking for it.  And no, this is not a good time to talk about gun control.  

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gmb said...

And the killer was a former cop. It's Florida…you pass the psych exam if you don't kill the tester, I assume.