Monday, December 2, 2013

Movie reports

Hands down this is the best Daniel Craig Bond film out there.  It's also in my top five Bond films of all time.  In this outing the consequences of M's actions in the past come back to haunt the agency when an agent she'd left for dead comes back with a vengeance.  There's a shit ton of gun play, a solid metric ton of action, and the right amount of hot women.  I highly recommend this one.

This indie film is a sapphic take on the old Hitchcock film Strangers on a Train.  Two women meet up and one hatches a plan for them each to kill their enemies and then the twists and turns begin when one of them starts to carry out the plan.  The film is full of pretty women in skimpy clothes who kiss one another, caress one another, and back stab one another.  All the females in it are perfectly fine but the one main drag on the film is the male lead who is about as charismatic as a sleeping hobo, but thank goodness he's not the focus of the film.  If you like twisty thrillers, this one's not bad.  Recommended.

You can see everything coming a mile away in this fluffy little French pastry of a film, but even though you see it coming and you know what's going to happen, it's still cute enough to keep watching.  The estranged son of a rural grocer has to take over his ailing father's business while juggling a budding romance with e super cute leggy brunette.  The kid does right by his family and he gets what's coming to him in the end.  If you're into cute films chock full of cute oddball characters, then this is your film.  I recommend it.

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