Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Film and book reports

Greenberg-Not an easy film to watch.  Ben Stiller plays a damaged man who always fucks things up just when it looks like he's going to get what he wants.  Greta Gerwig plays the woman he tentatively bonds with.  I applaud both of them for taking on these characters.  Rhys Ifans is also very good in this film.

Ginger Snaps-Wow.  This Canadian werewolf/coming of age film is so far over the top it's out of sight.  Two teenaged death obsessed sisters who haven't had their first periods yet get mixed up with snooty bitchy classmates and a werewolf, when the older sister gets her first menses, all hell breaks loose.  The young leads are terrific.  And Mimi Rogers, as their clueless mother, is hilarious.  I liked this film, in fact it's one of the few werewolf films I have ever liked.

Jeff Garlin: Young and Handsome-A very funny set of stand up from a guy who I really like.  Garlin has an everyman appeal to him and he's at ease and in command in this hour long set filmed in Chicago in 2008.  I'm going to do an open mic comedy night in a few weeks and I aspire to emulate Garlin's style, he doesn't tell jokes, he just tells stories that are funny.

Consider the Fork-This general history of select cooking utensils and appliances is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.  Bee Wilson, a Brit, tells the story of cutlery, refrigeration, measurement, and much more in this concise well written book.  Her book is filled with facts that will make you appreciate what we have today and make you marvel at the pluck and ingenuity of our ancestors.  I highly recommend this book to any one who is into cooking or eating.


Professor Chaos said...

If you like Jeff Garlin, check out his many appearances on the "Doug Loves Movies" podcast. He's great on that show.

gmb said...

Consider the Fork is on my book wish list. It's on the short list after your review.