Monday, August 26, 2013

Sorry y'all

I am so sorry y'all.  I should have never gotten up at the Video Music Awards, by the way, anyone know what a music video is, if y'all do then let me know, and danced like I did.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I, a twenty year old woman, had no business slut prancin' like I did.  After all, who the hell am I to whore myself out like that?  I should just stick to letting my daddy and the Disney corporation whore me out, they know better because they've got a penis and I don't.  Well, I don't have one right now but I can get me some if I want...

Aw fuck it, I'm just fucking with y'all.  Fuck you if you didn't like my performance.  Fuck you if you want me to be a professional virgin.  Fuck you if you hold me up as a role model for your daughters, seriously, if I'm their role model, then you done fucked them up more than me gettin' nasty on stage ever will.

I'm a performer, I perform.  If you don't like it, that shit's on you.  If you find it offensive, then don't fucking look.  If you get pissed off at me for not living up to your expectations of me, that's your problem.  I got to make money while I can.  The public is fickle and I got to stay in the limelight while I'm still hot.  And if you don't like it, you can kiss my ass.  I never heard you all bitchin' when Mick Jagger thrust his dick at everybody all those times onstage, so y'all can quit bitchin' about me now.

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