Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I got fooled again

I had that chemo port removed from my chest this past Friday, and of course all the medical 'professionals' at the same day surgery department at Johnson City Medical Center got their noses out of joint because I didn't fall down on my knees and praise them for doing their fucking jobs.  After they did the surgery they explicitly told me to make a three day follow up appointment with the 'professionals' at MSHA Trauma Services.  They told me, in writing no less, that I needed to call Trauma Services office this past Monday to make an appointment for Tuesday. 

And I did so, or least I thought I did so.  I called and spoke to the incompetent woman who schedules appointments and I told her I was following up and making my three day post surgical appointment like I was told to.  She then told me to come in at 1:40PM the next day.  But when I got there at 1:40, they told me my appointment was for the 3oth of the month and not for three days after my surgery, which means that the woman who made the appointment didn't listen to a word I said, or she did hear me and she chose to ignore me so she could do what ever the fuck she wanted, instructions from the people at same day surgery be damned.  Then when I called back after leaving to find out what the problem was, I was told that she told me my appointment was for the 30th, when in fact the woman said no such thing.  It's another case of them shirking responsibility and screwing over the patient at Trauma Services, which is now officially the WORST medical practice in the Tri Cities area.

Now, I'm stuck with gauze sticking out of my not yet healed incision, which means my skin is growing around it and will continue to do so until I get it removed, which if they get their way at Trauma Services will be removed god knows when, because who the fuck knows when I have an appointment.  After all they change your appointment at will and then lie about it.  But their bad behavior towards patients is symptomatic of the shitty attitude that ALL Mountain States Health Alliance hospitals and medical practices have for patients.  To them we're a necessary evil, they can't make money without us yet they hate us. 

Just in case you miss my meaning or the message of this post here it is in capsule form: Mountain States Health Alliance is the region's worst health care provider. 


gmb said...

Are you thinking about hiring a lawyer? Because I find that sometimes you have to go that extra step to make them understand that yes, you do hate them with a passion.

I hope you never have to deal with these incompetent fuckwads again.

Brewella Deville said...

Nothing like kicking you when you're down.