Monday, May 6, 2013

Shut the fuck up

Some lesser known Harvard economist tried to make a name for himself by gay bashing the late John Maynard Keynes, a champion of government led economics.  He insinuated Keynes was gay and because he was married to a woman who bore him no children that he was a closeted gay who didn't give a shit about the future because he was childless.  Yeah, that makes sense, all gays and childless couples hate the future and live only for today, that's why Sparky and I recycle and try not to give much business to companies who deny man made climate change.

The thing about this Ivy League ass and major league fucktard is he thinks that calling someone gay is an insult, a thing to be hated and feared.  My question is, what rock has this idiot been hiding under?  This is 2013, we have same sex marriage, gay TV and film stars, gay sports heroes, gay political leaders.  Does he not know that aside from troglodytes like him and right wing religious asshats that people like, respect, and admire gay people?  This jackass probably does the limp wristed falsetto voiced impression of a gay person when he imitates one.  He thinks all gay men want to be women and he's obsessed with not catching the gay cootie.  Fuck him and the horse he fucked and then rode in on.  He thinks he's cute and funny, but he's really a behind the times asshole who needs to be fired from Harvard so he can go claim a post at Jerry Falwell University in Lynchburg. 

And to top it all off, he's an Englishman who came to this country to take a job from an American.  What an ass.  He needs to be deported ASAP.  Small minded piece of shit, go back to rotting old Europe and stick your head in a gas oven. 

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gmb said...

And he left his wife and three kids for his girlfriend. He's an asshole and he has embarassed himself before. So, will Harvard punt him? Crickets. Elite school, my ass.