Thursday, April 11, 2013

Once more with feeling

I went back for another same day surgery this past Monday to get my port repositioned.  And I let it be known to any of those asshole staff at that awful place that I was not happy to be back in there so soon. 
Some seemed mystified as to why I wouldn't shout 'Good Morning' back at them when they brayed it at me with idiotic glee.  I told most of them that it most decidedly wasn't a good morning for me since I was back in there due to their incompetence.  And most all of them didn't want to hear me say that, so they chose to ignore me once those words left my lips.

But in the end I got the message across.  My surgeon was contrite and almost regretful that he had fucked up the week before and he was apologetic towards Sparky and our other friend who she had invited to sit with her during my surgery.  But the nurse who asked my why I was back didn't like it when I told her that I was back so they could fix their fuck up, and the Turkish anesthesiologist definitely didn't like it when I was deferential enough to him, but fuck all of them, hard, with the knobby cock of Dick Cheney, because I didn't want to hear any bullshit, be anybody's buddy, or listen to excuses, I wanted get in get fixed and then get the fuck out.

Which thankfully is just what happened.  And this time they left the needle hooked up to my chemo port so I could get at least one treatment.

Which is what happened the next day.  I finally got my first full chemo treatment the next day, it took about 6 hours and they sent me home with a bag of chemo drugs and a pump that automatically pumps it into me over the course of 48 hours.  I get the needle, the dressing, and the pump taken off tomorrow, which means I'll be able to take a proper shower for the first time in days.

This whole business has been an ordeal what with the shitty staff of Franklin Woods, the sniping and blaming of each other offices in the mess over my port installation, and the shitty treatment I've received in trying to get copies of my medical records pertaining to all of this.  The only people who have been decent to us have been my pharmacist Brian Bevins, my many friends who been by to see me and who brought food, their precious children, or just their company, and some of the staff at my oncologist's office.  I'm thankful for all those people and for the fact that I haven't had many of the more pernicious side effects that my type of chemo can produce.  So far, I've stayed ahead of the curve on the nausea and the diarrhea, and the only thing I've noticed is the expected extreme sensitivity to cold.

I'm glad to be almost done with my first chemo treatment but I'm already dreading then putting the needle back in me on the date of my next treatment, I'm anxious to see if it will go back in with out me having to go under the knife yet again.  Only time will tell,

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gmb said...

Hoping for the best for you, Dr. Monkey. I am naturally sensitive to the cold. Wear thick and comfy socks. A hat too, especially if your head feels cold. I hope things go more smoothly now.