Friday, March 29, 2013

Attention Tri City area residents

Mountain States Medical Group-Trauma Services is the worst medical office in the area.  They are staffed with a shitload of liars who have no respect for patients whatsoever.

That is all.


Teresa Hicks said...

Hello Mr. Denton:
I work in the communications office for Mountain States Health Alliance. I can see from your posts that you've had some difficult times recently, and I wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested in sharing some of your experiences with the hospital administrators so that we can learn more about the areas where we can improve. We have patient advisory councils made up of folks who can give us valuable feedback like yours. If you're not up for that level of involvement, I could at least arrange a phone call with the hospital leadership at Franklin Woods or JCMC or both. We would be grateful for any opportunity to improve our patient experience, since our goal is not just to treat the body but the whole person. Cancer is bad enough without having a frustrating treatment experience; I do hope you get good news soon.
Please contact me if you are interested in speaking with someone.
-Teresa Hicks
MSHA Communications Manager

gmb said...

Dear Teresa: Read his posts. Bet he isn't the only one who was treated so poorly. I bet if someone cared enough to review the situation they would quickly find that there are at least a few bad apples.