Friday, February 8, 2013

Let's check in with a teabagger who's in the path of this weekend's super huge winter storm

"I hate big government and it's greedy grabby hands.  I ought to be able to keep all the money I make and not have to pay it in taxes where it gets wasted on salaries for fat cat union thug teachers and cops and city employees.  I know best how I'd spend that money, fuck the government.  Those lazy bastards had better not sit on their fat asses and let all that snow pile up or let the power lines that come to my house go down.  And if I can't make it to work tomorrow, I better be able to go to the library and check out some books by my heroes on Fox News.  Also, if school is closed for any length of time they better find something to do with my kids.  I can't look after them and surf for porn on the internet.  God damn it, when's that snow plow gonna get here?  My street is getting snowed under."

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Professor Chaos said...

The only wasteful spending is spending on programs that don't directly benefit me!