Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Culinary horror

This kind of 'food' was popularized when I was a kid.  It was basically as many kinds of convenience foods stuffed into one dish as they could dream up in the test kitchens of Better Homes and Gardens.  This one used store bought pastry, deviled ham from a can, canned soup, and canned asparagus.  Nothing fresh or nutritious.  When I blanched at eating something like this, I was threatened with physical violence. 

They told us this kind of shit was healthy.  Tons of protein and preservatives, salads be damned, or if they said to add them, they told us to ladle on the creamy bleu cheese or ranch dressing.  It's no fucking wonder I had a heart attack at age 42.

Most green veggies we were served were shit like that asparagus there, either boiled to death from a can or frozen and then boiled to death.  'Lightly steamed' were not words that entered in to our cooking vocabulary until the mid 1990's.  And it's because of the boiled to death veggies that we got served that I resisted eating healthy properly prepared veggies until my mid 30's. 

Good gawd, look at this mess.  Yams, pineapple chunks, link sausage, topped with an orange gelatin sauce for extra tangy-ness, and sprinkled with lawn clippings.



Devilham said...

seriously, we used to get served that frozen 'vegetable medley' shit when I was a disgusting.

Fresh produce is the only way (with the small exception of frozen peas, they somehow survive the process)

Brewella Deville said...

Finding canned cream corn on my plate was always a buzz kill.

Dr. MVM said...

I used to scream in horror every time I saw a can of Veg-All or creamed corn.