Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The face of cowardice

This is what a coward looks like:

That's Jovan Belcher, the lowlife punk ass coward who murdered his girlfriend and then shot himself in the parking lot of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.  He was a coward, a wuss, and a fucking slimy piece of shit who was a poor excuse for a human being.

"Hey, Dr. Monkey, those are some strong words about a dead guy.  Why are you being so harsh?" 

Well kids, let's examine exactly what this asshole did and didn't do.  It's obvious that him and his girlfriend, with whom he had a child, were fighting.  What he didn't do was work out his problems with her like a man, he chose to shoot and kill her because he wasn't emotionally grown up enough to deal with whatever they were going through.  And you know what?  I don't give a shit if she was cheating, cuckolding him, or whatever else, the fact is you don't fucking murder people.  Grown ups work their problems out with one another, they talk, they give ground, and sometimes, they say, "This shit isn't working for me, it's over.  Goodbye."  So that's one reason why Jovan was an awful asshole coward.

You know what else he didn't do?  He didn't take responsibility for murdering his girlfriend.  Nope.  He did not.  He took the cowards way out.  He took his own life, like the wussy little low life punk ass piece of shit he was.  Any asshole can pull a trigger, this one did it twice and the second time was so he wouldn't have to serve time in prison for the premeditated murder of another human being.  First he thought he was above the law so he killed his girlfriend, then he figured out he'd escape the punishment of the law by killing himself.  Useless.  Fucking.  Coward.  He's just like all the other punk ass gutless wonders who want to be big time killers but don't want to do the time for their crime.

And finally this asshole is a cowardly bitch for depriving his 3 month old daughter of both her parents.  Sure, she would have been better off with out her asswipe cowardly father in the picture, but damn, he went and killed her mother.  So now the kid not only has to grow up with out her mom, and trust me, I know what it's like to lose your mom at a young age, I lost mine when I was 10, she also has to grow up under the shadow of having an asshole father who murdered her mother when she was 3 months old.  That's a huge stone to hang around the neck of a little kid.

So yeah, I'm being harsh on this asshole, but he deserves it.  He took a life, ruined his daughter's life, and then ended his own because he was too afraid to suffer the consequences of his own actions.  He was a gutless coward, just like all the other assholes who use guns in crimes like this are gutless cowards who are a stain on the underwear of humanity.

Fuck you Jovan Belcher, we're better off with out you walking around on this planet.  Good riddance asshole.  I only wish there was a hell so you could rot and suffer there forever.


Kal said...

Here Here

Piece of shit.

Dr. MVM said...

*Hear, hear.

Professor Chaos said...

I once knew someone whose father comitted suicide. He hunghimself in the garage so his wife and kids came home to find him hanging there. Totally selfish, horrible person.