Monday, December 3, 2012

And now here's a word or two from America's number one Christian woman

Hey y'all, we need to support Israel because if we don't then them Palestinians might come over here and try to take our land because the Jews done stole theirs.  And two, we got to keep gays from being married because I don't want to have to get gay married, I don't want to make love to no woman because I know how distasteful it is, at least that what my husband tells me.  Also, if people you try to convert to Christianity don't convert, then they is persecuting you and what you got to do is shout them down and make them take conversion or they is going to hell where they will get raped by Muslims for all of eternity.

Oh yeah, make sure everyone, including Jews and atheists, tell you to have a merry Christmas.  Just cos' they don't believe don't mean they can't say 'Christmas' like Jesus wants them to.


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