Sunday, November 25, 2012


The worst part of having a racist asshole make a racist 'joke' around me is the little chuckle they give at the end of their 'joke.' And then the look they steal at me to see if I'm laughing or agreeing with them.  Honestly, I just want to smash their smug racist faces in after hearing their bullshit comments, and I want to hit the ones with a baseball bat in the face who deny they are racists when you call them out on their racism.  There is no fucking way that the following statement isn't racist: "They ought to paint them footballs green so they look like watermelons and maybe then them black receivers would catch more passes."  And yes, the asshole who said it tried to maintain he wasn't a racist after I called him out on his racism.  I went from not liking the guy to actively despising him after this incident took place. 

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Brewella Deville said...

It was a racist comment back when I first heard it said in the late sixties, it's still a racist comment today. Good for you for calling him on it.