Friday, November 2, 2012

Movie reviews

This is a very serviceable and faithful adaption of one of the few Terry Pratchett books I've been interested in enough to finish.  It's fun and well played by all involved.  Claire Foy is as cute as ever and Richard Coyle is very appealing.


Fun little thriller by horror/thriller mast John Carpenter.  It's about a woman who is picked up after she burns a house down and is taken to a mental hospital.  She's put in a wing of the hospital that contains some really beautiful women and Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep's daughter, who let's be honest here, would not have this part if she wasn't La Streep's kid.  Shocking and horrible things are happening to the beautiful women and Mamie Gummer in this wing and when the shocking twist that you can kind of see coming happens, the bad things finally stop, or do they?

Like I said, this is a fun little thriller that got hammered by critics, needlessly so in my opinion.  It doesn't pretend to be great cinematic art, it never tries to be anything other than an entertaining thriller.  I recommend it.

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