Thursday, November 1, 2012

Doctor's Value Vision in Johnson City is horrible place to do business

I've been planning on getting new glasses and when I saw that Doctor's Value Vision in Johnson City had a two pair for $99 sale going on, I decided to give them a try.  I knew going in that $99 for two pairs of glasses was almost too good to be true and that if it was, I'd have to choose from some butt ugly frames.  Yet I went in anyway.

I first went in on Tuesday, the little troll behind the counter told me that if I could find two frames priced at $69.95 I could get the deal.  Then he snickered to himself.  I found one pair marked that price but no others.  So I left.

I priced glasses elsewhere, specifically at Lens Crafters in the mall.  (Note to Lens Crafters sales guy: wear a shirt with a collar so you don't look like you just got out of bed.  And when someone is actively trying to put distance between them and you, STOP FUCKING STALKING THEM.)  They were sky high, so I left.

I decided to go back to Doctor's Value Vision on Wed. afternoon to see if I could swing that 'twofer' deal.  Different day, different troll behind the counter.  I decided to give up on finding two pairs marked $69.95, so I went with the buy one get one free deal.  I picked out a pair of $99.95 frames and told them to get my prescription off my current lenses.  I figured it wold be around $200 using my current prescription, the troll told me it would be $288.  I asked if he was joking, he assured me he wasn't.  I asked why so high, he told me my lenses were $94 each, plus the frames.  Did I want to wait he asked.  I told him I could do without spending my money at his bait and switch emporium and I left.

They offer a deal there is no way anyone can take advantage of, they lie, they bait and switch, and their office stinks of flop sweat and trailer park food.  Fuck you Doctor's Value Vision, soon to be Visionworks.  Fuck you in your eyes.


Sausage said...

Got a flamethrower?
Fuck you in you eyes made me laugh
Good luck mate...

Nan said...

I gave up on going to franchise eye glass places. Service always sucked, and the bait-and-switch was super annoying. Last pair of glasses I got came from a local optometrist's clinic. No doubt I paid more than I would have had I continued to patronize Lens Crafters et al., but this pair of glasses actually is exactly what I needed and wanted: no problems with the prescription and the frames actually fit.

Dr. MVM said...

That's what I did last time Nan, and it's what I'll do this time. I don't mind paying more than the chains as long as it's a locally owned business that doesn't bait and switch.

gmb said...

I pay out the ass, Dr. Monkey, but I have no choice but to wear glasses--my eyes are too astigmatic for contact lenses. I get glass lenses because plastic can't beat the clarity. One good thing? Because I can't wear progressive lenses, mine are cheaper. Progressive lens prices are obscene--$500+ for a pair of lenses (w/o frames)? Bite me.