Sunday, November 4, 2012

Local art, by local artists, for local people

A group of artists in my area put on an art event yesterday.  It was a showcase for artists of all stripes, print makers, painters, fabric artists, potters, jewelers, etc.  It was all for sale and all fairly and reasonably priced.  The event was called Artlandia and it judging by the turnout about two hours into it, I'd say the event was a smashing success.  

 Of course someone was going to 'put a bird on it' at an event called Artlandia.

 This is my friend Jane.  She's a super cool and highly intelligent artist.  I like her work because it's so different from what I do.  I bought three of her postcard sized prints.  Here's one of them:
I like it a lot because it's kind of science fiction-y.  It reminds me of the kind of paintings you'd see in past issues of Omni or Heavy Metal magazine.  Or it may have graced a 1970's science fiction paperback. 

 This is some pottery made by a Facebook friend and her husband.  They do really great work. 

 Look out people, kids are on the loose!

 Someone made and was selling these cute little things.  It's not my cup of tea but I can see how others might like it.

This woman just happened to turn away as I was taking her picture.  I bought one of the photos she was selling.  Her and her husband take really nifty photos of odd things, which of course is just the kind of thing I love.
The woman in the center was struggling to talk to folks who went by her booth.  I know it's hard for some people to interact with the public, but it's crucial in an event like this one.  The gal on the right was selling some really keen octopus prints, I nearly bought one.

I bought this and two other cards from a jaded hipster chick.  I liked her work but she acted like it was a burden to her so I quit talking to her after I bought some of her cards.

I'm kicking myself for not getting a booth at this event, next year I'll get one!  I swear!


Margaret Benbow said...

"Jaded hipster chick" too cool to talk? You were kind to buy her work. If I were there I would have figured, Let Jack Kerouac come back from the dead and buy her cards!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You should absolutely get a booth next year. With the exception of jaded hipster chick, this sounds like your tribe.