Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is this router dead? (Updated)

 The light on the side isn't working.
The lights in the center of the front aren't working.  My streaming device for my TV keeps telling me I have no wireless network, so that means I have no Netflix or Huluplus.

Is my router dead?  Please tell me o people of the internets.

Turns out I had accidentally turned off the WiFi button on the back when I was cleaning behind the desk.  I turned it back on and it works like a champ again.  Thanks for your input.


Brewella Deville said...

Looking at your second picture, it looks like some of the lights in front are working, right?

Here's my experience with a similar issue. The last time my dad's wifi went down, three of the four router lights that are usually lit were still on (the DSL light was off). The Apple guys said the problem was with the phone company, the phone company rep insisted for days that the router was the problem. Routers are cheap enough ($70 compared to a minimum $250 charge of having the phone company come into the house to solve the problem), so I installed a new one, but the problem persisted. I finally hooked the old router back up and gave the phone company the go ahead to check the line inside. The problem ended up being one of their switching stations a couple of stops before our house and it was fixed in about thirty minutes.

For what it's worth, my brother used to work for a tech company and used to manage phone and internet systems for various businesses. He said he rarely saw a bad router.

Caffeinated Joe said...

No clue, sounds it, but I am no techno geek. In a related note, weirdly, in a daily sale email I get, this was one of the items for sale today:

No clue if it is what you need or not, but I figured I would pass the info on.

Professor Chaos said...

Have faith. It is not dead, only sleeping.