Thursday, October 11, 2012

TV reviews

Pramface is a sweetly funny very winning slice of life comedy about a horny teenager who sneaks in to a party, runs in to a beautiful drunk girl who is on her way to a promising college career, has sex with her, and gets her pregnant.  Turns out he's 16 and she's 18, which is a huge difference when you're that age.  The show follows the fallout of their coupling and pregnancy and it's effects on them, their friends, and their families.  It's a very sharp and witty show with great performances all around, especially from Scarlett Alice Johnson as the pregnant young woman and Yasmin Paige as the wanna be girlfriend of the young male lead.  The good news is there is a second series of this show in production now. 

Laid is laugh out loud funny show about a young woman with a peculiar problem.  It's not that she can't get laid, she can and does have a good bit of sex, but it turns out all the men she has had sex with at one time or another have died very prematurely.  They literally are dropping like flies and once she figures out the connection, she goes to all kinds of lengths to try and stop it.  The comedy of awkwardness triumphs in this show and what makes it even better than your usually good Aussie comedy, is that it's female centric.  Yes the female lead, the always luscious Alison Bell, is a hetero female who has sex with men, but the thing is it's about her, it's not really about the guys she's slept with. 

The aforementioned Alison Bell as Roo shines as the lead in this series.  She's beautiful, funny, and her reactions to having to tell her story are priceless.  Celia Pacquola, as her roommate and best friend EJ, is a winner as well.  She jumps in and tries to solve the mystery of her friend's killer vagina while she navigates a tricky relationship with her annoying boyfriend, played to perfection by Toby Truslove. 

If this series had been done by a network in the USA it would have been unwatchable because it would have had none of the nuance or different degrees of humor that this series has.  I can't recommend Pramface and Laid highly enough. 

Both are on Hulu and HuluPLUS.

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