Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My pick for POTUS

In 2008 I was in the tank 100% for Obama.  A McCain/Palin presidency administration would have been a disaster for us.  Initially I was behind what President Obama was doing, expanding SCHIP, enacting the Lily Ledbetter Act, and other things but as time went on I began to see Obama betraying his progressive principles and steering the USA further to the right.  He accepted Republican talking points that the federal budget is out of control and that Social Security is the cause of it.  He did not follow through on his promises to reform the Patriot Act.  He went after whistleblowers in the government and he cracked down on medical marijuana.  He flatly refused to consider a single payer national health insurance for all option in his health care overhaul.  He unjustly imprisoned Bradley Manning and is denying him his right to a fair and speedy trial.  He's bombing innocent people in Pakistan and he refuses to end the boondoggle in Afghanistan.  So for those reasons I can't support him this time around.

Since I don't support Obama, then I must support Romney, right?  No.  Hell no.  A Mitt Romney presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for us.  He'd tank our economy even further than Bush did and he'd jump in and start a war with Iran the first chance he got, he'd go to war with Iran to prove he's more pro Israel than Obama is.  A Romney administration would be a disaster for senior citizens, working people, women, and everyone but the top one percent of the economic pile.  He'd be a president for the Fortune 500, not for the average working American.  He's shown that he'll say anything and take any position he thinks you want him to have in order to get elected.  He's as phony as the day is long in Alaska in the summer time.

Since I'm not supporting either of the corporate cash polluted two party system candidates, then who am I behind this time around? 

I'm voting for Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party.

Rocky is anti war, pro peace, pro green, pro working people, and pro women.  His positions differ little from Jill Stein of the Green Party, who I also respect and like.  You can read more about Rocky and the Justice Party by clicking here.  I want a sustainable peaceful future for the USA, that's why I support Rocky.

Now some of you will be screaming that by voting for Rocky I'm helping Romney win.  That's bullshit.  If we had direct election of the POTUS then you might have a point, but since we have the electoral college system, my vote doesn't mean anything unless I vote for the person who wins my state, and that person is going to be Romney.  Since Obama won't win TN, I might as well vote for a candidate who's positions I support, and that person is Rocky Anderson. 

If I love din a state that is 'in play,' then I might vote for Obama, but I seriously doubt it.  I'm through voting for someone I don't support out of fear that his or her opponent might win.  I'm voting for people who I want to win, not against someone I want to lose.

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gmb said...

If more of us voted our conscience, there would still be two parties, but not necessarily the same two that exist right now. I got tired of holding my nose starting in 2008. Haven't looked back. I like Rocky Anderson, but I'm voting for Jill Stein this tie around. Maybe if enough of us vote for the true progressives this time the f*cking democrats might realize that they had better head left or what more of us peel off.