Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Keeping score

The archdiocese of Atlanta says they can no longer contribute to a breast cancer charity because said charity gives money to Planned Parenthood.  PP, they maintain, is evil because abortion is among it's many services to women.  Never mind that it's a small part and what Planned Parenthood does is provide medical care to low income and working women, never mind that PP provides cancer screenings that save many lives every year, never mind that in some areas, a PP clinic is all some women have access to, they're evil in the eyes of the Roman Catholic church.

Here's what an organization that's really evil does:

  • Cover up the world wide rape and abuse of children.
  • Look the other way during the holocaust.
  • Hinder the march of science and medicine because it conflicts with the stories told by the church.
  • Take money from the poor, the destitute, the working poor, and use that money to amass a treasury that's full of art, antiques, gold, silver, and jewels.
  • Advocate for the second class status of gays, Jews, and any other group they don't like.
  • Keep women oppressed.
  • Use the threat of eternal damnation to keep people in line and under their control.
Yes, that Roman Catholic church did and still does all those things.  If you're a member of that religion, then you're not only an idiot who's been fleeced for years, you're an accessory to all their crimes.  Your money, your time, your work for them helps keep this world divided and at war.  Your cash and prayers have helped countless priests get away with rape and abuse.  Your donations and support help deny gay folks equality.  So, congrats on all that you suckers,  and now, congrats on sentencing more women to death and helping to deny them basic medical care.  Well done religious people, well done indeed. 

As usual, and as history has shown us, humans will advance not because of people like the Roman Catholics, we'll advance in spite of them and their backward idiotic religion. 

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gmb said...

Apparently they did a bit more than just "look away" during the holocaust. Just saying. And, of course, you are so right. Hypocrites, sociopaths, evil bastards.