Monday, September 10, 2012

Scenes from my public art project

After weeks of sunny non rainy days, the skies opened up for a few days and then the rain blew away and I was able to set the first phase of my public art project here in Johnson City on the grounds of the public library.  I raised the money to buy the materials, paints, markers, foam core poster board, and sign stakes via the interwebs, I used IndieGoGo rather than Kickstarter because Kickstarter is in bed with Amazon.  I raised enough money from friends, both web and real life, to do this.

The idea behind my project was to show people that art is accessible and it's every where.  That art isn't just for rich people and that it doesn't just reside in galleries, museums, and the homes of the one percent.  Art is where ever you find it and anyone can make it, even a self taught scribbler like me.

The reaction has been very positive, many people really responded to the cartoony shapes and the bright colors, which is of course what I wanted.  Some older folks at the library didn't cotton to the whimsy of the installation, to them if it's not in a frame and done by a dead white man, it's not art.

Anyhoo, here's some pictures of the installation I took:

The guy in the wheelchair had quite an attitude.  He snarled at me, "What's with all the fish man?"  I told him it's just art and to roll with it.  He didn't appreciate my answer so he rolled off down the street.

The installation was up Thursday afternoon, all day Friday and Saturday, and today I began phase two of the project which is moving what didn't get damaged in Saturday's rain storm to other parts of the city.  I think it's a been a huge success and if I inspire a kid to make art or if I change an adult's idea of what is and isn't art, then I'm happy. 


Kim Hambric said...

Art and fun together! Who would have thought!

Frankly, I'm inspired.

intelliwench said...

I hope to check this out next weekend when I get down to J.C. The indoor exhibit will still be up then, right? Love that you did this!

C said...

I think the whole thing's great - good on ya! How could anyone fail to smile on seeing those groovy fish on the grass?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

My stuff will be on display in the library through the end of the month Intelliwench. The outdoor art has started it's migration.