Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Parasites and moochers

Mitt just can't help himself can he?  He gets caught on tape speaking the truth about how he and his buddies in the 1% feel about the rest of us in the USA and then he doesn't deny he said it, he says he said it not elegantly enough.

He called us parasites who don't pay any taxes, which is pretty funny considering how hard he's been fighting to make sure we never find out how little he paid in in taxes for the past ten years, and that we, the great unwashed, think we're victims who are entitled to all the government money we can get our hands on.  Mitt says we're lazy and that we want the government to take care of us.

So, okay, yeah, there it is.  That's what he thinks of us.  It's nice to hear the truth for a change from him.

So, okay, yeah, two things about it:

1) He's projecting.  Rich white conservatives have been playing the victim since day one, they claim they're victims of high taxes (in reality, they're not and they need to be paying much much much more in taxes) which is why they need a tax cut, that they're victims of us lazy people who don't, won't, or can't give him and his pals the rest of what little money we have, and that they're victims of burdensome government regulation.  The fact is Mitt and his big business buds suck at the teat of big government and get more in corporate welfare than any person on any government 'entitlement' program ever will.  He's the one who's lazy because he wants all that government money in the form of tax breaks, lucrative government contracts, and tax cuts so he won't have to invest in working people and their communities in this country. 

2) It's hard to be a moocher when you're working 80 to 100 hours a week just to keep food on the table and a roof over your family's head.  It's hard to be a parasite when the conservatives in power cut off all government assistance to the working poor.  It's hard to demand government health care when they toss you off it.

I have been on some form or another of government assistance all my life, and so have you in one way or another.  I was on AFDC (Aid For Dependent Children), Medicaid, food stamps, and any other aid we could find when I was a kid.  I went to public schools, I got Pell grants in college, I made use of public libraries, I road and drove on roads, I benefited from the fire department, the police department, and I let the city and state plow my roads when they got snow and ice covered.  And all the money to pay for all that came from local and state government, which is supported by local and state revenue, not federal tax money, which means poor and working poor people paid for it, not people like Mitt.  When I was 13 I started my working life and I paid into the Social Security system, and one of the provisions of that system is that once you pay enough in to it if something happens to you and you become disabled then you get a monthly payment based on the amount of money you've paid in to the system.  So the disability payment I get every month from Social Security isn't a hand out, it's not something I feel I'm entitled to, I paid for it and I'm getting what is owed me.  The Medicare I get now, I pay for it as well.  I'm not a moocher if I insist that government honor it's contract with me and millions of my fellow citizens.  

We've worked hard and played by the rigged rules that they now want to rig even further in their favor and when Mitt said what he said, he just showed us how little he really knows or cares about most of us.  If by some miracle he gets elected, we know who he's going to be looking out for and it's sure as hell not us in the working class.


Anonymous said...

If you need any more examples of what a turd Mitt is, check out the Rude Pundit's comments on this mess. He and his kind pull their mouths off the government teat just long enough to tell poor people who dare to seek government help to go fuck themselves.

I hadn't heard about Mitt's 47% comments, but I knew it must have been bad when my husband came home and went off on an absolute rant against Money Boo Boo. As long as I've known him, nothing, and I mean nothing, has ever made him this mad.

Professor Chaos said...

It's weird to hear him say they don't pay taxes like it's a bad thing. For rich people, not paying taxes is usually a badge of honor.

Henry R. Kujawa said...

I sent a link to this blkog post to a whole pile of my friends. BEST blog post I've read all month.

I am not SICK TO DEATH of the radical Republican SCUM that have been systematically trying to DESTROY this entire country for their own benefit at least since 1979. A good friend of mine online said it best the other week...

"Anyone who votes Republican this year is either uninformed, EVIL, or just STUPID."

We desperately NEED to get these monsters out of office. It has become a literal matter of life or death for this entire country's future.