Thursday, September 6, 2012


It was kind of awkward for me last night at the Democratic National Convention.  They had my long time pretend political girlfriend Elizabeth Warren

 speaking on the same night as my new pretend activist girlfriend Sandra Fluke spoke
 and they also had my new secret political girlfriend Kamala Harris speaking as well.
It was a good thing all my girlfriends didn't end up fighting it out over me.  But if they had, I bet they would have torn each other's clothes, realized how hot they were, and started kissing each other and me.

What?  A monkey can dream can't he?


Anonymous said...

A wealth of options, to be sure.

kelsi said...

Even more awkward: these are three of MY secret political girlfriends, too.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Last night was the only night we have watched. Will watch the Pres. tonight. When Kamala Harris was speaking, the wife said "that woman is going to run for President someday."

gmb said...

Couldn't/wouldn't watch. I hope Eliz. Warren wins and doesn't waver. Must add--she looks fucking great for 62. Amazingly good. Must be good genes.