Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I've been watching

Johnny Depp thinks he has a job.  Some guys think Johnny Depp is a cold blooded killer.  And an Indian thinks Depp is the British poet William Blake.  And I think I hated this hipster western more than life itself.  Fuck you for making it Jim Jarmusch.  It's fucking awful.  Avoid it like the plague.

The latest series of Doc Martin is easily the best so far.  Martin is still an ass, but they finally made him more human.  Katherine Parkinson and Stephanie Cole are gone from this series but the rest of the cast is back.  Eileen Atkins and the lovely Jessica Ransom join the show in this series as Doc Martin's other aunt and his new receptionist.   If you've never given this show a try, you really ought to.  All five series are on HuluPLUS and they're all out on DVD,

 My love for Downton Abbey runs deep.  The second series is even better than the first.  And I'm sure the third will be better than the second.

This new adaption of Great Expectations is stunningly good.  It will make you forget that abortion that the Paltrow woman inflicted on us all a few years ago.  Gillian Anderson is quite smashing as the crazy Miss Havisham and as usual in the BBC period dramas, everyone else is great too. 

This dark and twisted retelling of Peter Pan isn't bad, it's just a little too long and Rhys Ifans seems to have been studying at the school of acting that confuses shouting and scenery chewing with a good performance.  Anna Friel and Q'orianka Kilcher are well worth watching.  Bob Hoskins is a blustery treat and most of the Lost Boys are cute little buggers.  If they had reined in Ifans and trimmed about an hour off the whole shebang, it would have been perfect.  As it is, it's not bad. 


Anonymous said...

I wish I could un-watch Deadman, but alas I do not have a time machine. What a trainwreck.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I want to beat up everyone who had a hand in Dead Man.

dguzman said...

OHMYGOD I love Downtown Abbey. It's ridiculous. During Season 1, I found myself actually feeling depressed because Matthew and Mary weren't going to get married! At random times during the day! WTF is wrong with me?

Craig said...

I love Deadman. A great film.

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

That's because you have no taste Craig and you probably have severe brain damage from huffing spray paint.