Friday, August 31, 2012

What I've been watching: movie edition

Glengarry Glen Ross-I first saw this when it came out on video and the other day I watched it again on Netflix Instant.  It's still a powerful film about human greed and corrupt business in the late 20th century.  It's a classic that rightfully deserves it place in the modern film cannon. 

The Big Lebowski- I saw this one when it first hit on video years back and I wasn't impressed.  In fact, it kind of annoyed me.  But since many people I have met and respect liked it so much I watched it again.  This time around I got it.  It's pretty damn funny and it's full of memorable characters and dialogue.  I'll watch it again in a few years. 

The 13th Floor-Ugh.  Netflix says this is a 'mind bending thriller,' but really it's a mind numbing turkey.  Maybe in 1999 we thought virtual reality was the big deal and maybe then this might have been tolerable, today not so much.  And this technology based turd suffers from having far too much Craig Bierko and not enough Gretchen Mol in it.  AVOID THIS ONE AT ALL COSTS!

Piranha (2010)- This cheesy crazy fun film is a wild ride of boobs, babes, teens, and terror.  An earthquake unleashes a super killer species of piranha in a lake in Arizona during spring break.  A full grown and super sexy Elizabeth Shue is the sheriff who tries to keep things under control.  She can't do it but she looks damn good while trying.  This movie doesn't try to be anything other than what it is, a cheesy '80's style horror/natural disaster film.  I loved it.

Extract- I like the films of Mike Judge.  They're very specific slices of life that you don't normally see in other films.  This comedy is about the personal and professional woes of a guy who owns and operates a factory that makes flavor extracts.  Jason Bateman is superb as the put upon owner.  Mila Kunis is wildly cute as the grifter gal and Ben Affleck is pretty funny as the stoner bartender.  Gene Simmons of Kiss turns in a good cameo, he plays a sleazy personal injury lawyer.  I laughed out loud during this movie.  I recommend it.

The Japanese Housewife Next Door- A very broad and graphic sex comedy from Japan.  A lonely business man decides he wants to get married again so he goes to work related outing in a restaurant.  He meets two beautiful women, one turns out to be a nymphomaniac and of course he marries her.  When he can't keep up with her sex drive she seduces his grandfather, his father, and his sister and they all have sex with her either separately or together.  The guy decides to divorce her and when he goes home to tell her, he finds his grandfather performing oral sex on her while she blows his dad.  And his sister is watching while doing herself with a vibrating dildo.  This film is not for the faint of heart or those easily embarrassed.  It's one step below hard core porn.  If you like broad sex comedies with lots of sex, then this film is for you.  It's not bad, in fact I liked it, but I'm warning you, it's very graphic.

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Blueberry said...

Looove Glengarry Glen Ross although we haven't seen it for quite a few years. Love The Big Lebowski too.

We saw The 13th Floor on (so it was free) and it was very forgettable.

Piranha sound like a made-for-SyFy or something they specialize in. I will watch that genre without hesitation.

Agreed on Extract. Really liked it.