Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Massive movie report post

I loved this neon drenched slow burn crime film.  It's not for everyone, I've seen some on Facebook slam it for not being what  they thought it was going to be, they could not get past the fact that it takes a longer than usual time to set things up.  The performances were top notch, the look of the film was superb, and the direction was steady on.  Gosling, Albert Brooks, and Bryan Cranston are all great in this film.  I highly recommend this one.

Dear Kenneth Brannagh,
You had a ton of mythological material about Thor to work with, you had a shitload of Thor stories that Marvel has put out to work with, and this was what you came up with?  Ugh.  You could have done better.  Much better.

This film isn't bad, it's just not that good.  It tries to make up for not being very good by being ponderous and loud.  The mortals were more interesting by far than any of the deities from Asgard.  Meh, watch this one if you like or give it a miss.  They seem to think we're all supposed to be enthralled by it, I clearly wasn't.

This one is one of Woody's better late career films.  It's charming, highly watchable, and sweet.  And the best part is, Woody isn't in it.  I like Woody as an actor but as he ages the women he wants us to imagine he's sexually involved with onscreen keep getting younger, which is highly creepy.  I liked the parts where Wilson's character is back in the '20's the best.  The whole business with his fiancee and her annoying family, I hated.  Over all, I recommend this one.

By and large the people who swing are the people you would want to have sex with the least.  And that holds true in this film.  This film tells the story of the most notorious swingers club in the 1970's, Plato's Retreat in NYC.  I found it fascinating because I came of age during the hey day of this place but in retrospect, I'm ever so glad I never went in this place.  I found most everyone in this film repellent, especially Al Goldstein and the guy who founded Plato's.  Some of the couples they interviewed for this film were in their 30's when the club was hip and happening, now they're in their 60's and watching them talk about the freaky sex they had is creepy, it's like hearing your grandparents talk about their sex escapades.  If you're into the late '70's/early '80's, then this film might be for you but I'll warn you, you'll want to shower after you watch it, it made me feel greasy.

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