Monday, July 2, 2012

Movie watching

Here's some quick thoughts on some of the films I've seen recently:

  • True Grit-The Coen brothers knocked it out of the park in their remake.  Hailee Steinfeld is outstanding as the young girl out for justice.  Jeff Bridges continues to do well playing grumpy grizzled old drunks and Matt Damon plays the annoying Texas guy to a tee.  Highly enjoyable.
  • Special-Low budget gem starring Michael Rappaport.  He plays a guy who thinks he's gained super powers after taking part in an experimental drug trial.  Is he the superhero he's always dreamt of becoming or is he a nut?  
  • Elektra Luxx- Good little low budget film about a porn star who is dealing with her pregnancy.  I liked most all of this movie except the scenes with Joseph Gordon Levitt were a bit extraneous and superfluous.  The film shines when ever Carla Guigino and Adrianne Palicki are onscreen and it suffers when ever they aren't.
  • The Woodmans- Fascinating documentary about a family of artists.  Both the mother and father make art, as does their son, but they all are eclipsed by the photographs that their daughter, who committed suicide in the early 1980's, took.  The brother is clearly jealous of his late sister's success and to some degree both the parents are as well.  I found it all terribly interesting to hear them talk about their art making and how they all processed the feelings about the suicide. 

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