Thursday, July 12, 2012

Monkey movie reviews

The Howling III is bad.  Super bad.  So bad it's crazy, and yet it's enjoyable because the makers of this film embraced the cheese and they made a movie that you can laugh along with.

The film is about a race of werewolf marsupials who have evolved along humans for many years.  They exist mainly in Australia but there are a few in Siberia.  When one young female werewolf escapes her pack in the outback she makes her way to the big city where she meets a guy who gets her into a film and then into his bed.  They make sweet sweet love and a month or so later she gives birth to another were-supial.  The authorities figure out what's going on and of course they try to stamp out the menace of the pouch having werewolves.  Then things get crazy.  And since this film is set in Australia, Dame Edna has to be in it.

The werewolves are the least scary ever.  The special effects stink.  Everybody sweats like it's 110 F with 1000% humidity.  And you can see every plot twist coming a mile away.  Yet, it's all so bad it's fucking great.  I highly recommend this one.

Tim and Eric are an acquired taste.  Most people hate them, me, I love them.  I get the joke.  This film won't do anything to change anyone's mind about them but holy hell it had me cackling like crazy.

A sleazy corporation, are there any other kind?, gives the boys a billion dollars to make a film.  They make a three minute movie and they blow the rest of the money.  The corporation sets out to kill them if they don't repay all the money.  Tim and Eric flee to a small town where they get duped into running the worst mall in the USA.

It sounds stupid and the execution of the stupid sounding idea is annoying as hell and it's also comic genius.  John C. Reilly is a hoot as Taquito.  His death scene had me in stitches.  Will Ferrel is great as the owner of the mall and Zac Galifianakis is quite funny as well.  And Tim and Eric are sidesplitting as Tim and Eric.

If you're a fan of these two, see this movie.  If you hate them, then stay away.

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